Our Services

At Redesign Construction, we understand the needs of our customers are diverse. From renovating an old space to ground-up additions and custom homes, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet those needs while creating an enjoyable building experience for our customers from start to finish. We specialize in the planning, management, and implementation of mid- to large- size construction projects with a strong emphasis on renovation, remodeling, and additions.


Planning involves not only personalized consultation, but also the appropriate design path necessary to move your ideas from concept to reality. Crafting the right design for your project can be as simple as a few modest in-house sketches or may require a more intricate design facilitated through collaboration with one of our partnering architects. Either way, we are well-equipped and connected to ensure your dream project is both organized and exceeds your expectations.


Project Management is an art that involves an intricate dance of directing and coordinating people, materials, and schedules. Redesign is intimately familiar with all phases of the building process and has worked tirelessly to put the right people and systems in place to maintain the balance of each of these components. Redesign also believes communication is a key element of project management. We regularly work with second home owners, communicating remotely through texting, phone calls, and email.


Implementation and execution of any project require the right tools, and we don’t just mean a hammer and nails. Redesign houses a team of full-time craftsmen, each equipped with the skills necessary for new construction, while uniquely capable in areas of old home renovation and all of the challenges in between. Over the years, we have also fostered relationships with some of the best subcontractors, designers, architects, and suppliers in our area in an effort to build a team capable of delivering a quality product, accountability to our customers, and a streamlined process.