The South Londonderry School House

Built in 1851, this piece of South Londonderry history was in need of a bit more than a little tender love and care. Beginning renovations in 2015, owners, Chad and Brigid, were up for the challenge and all that comes with the major renovation of an old home. Preserving and reusing as many of the original beams and floor boards as possible, this modern beauty has fun and unique projects sprinkled throughout the house. Be sure to take an extra look at the stairs, bunk beds, and vanities!  

The Ugly Grey House

We didn't know much about this Manchester home except what homeowners, Sarah and Dave, told us- it was grey and is was ugly. Ugly may have been a bit strong, but we agreed the house had not yet reached its full potential. Renovations on the 1960s chalet began in 2014 and the happy customers can now use a very different adjective to describe their house- beautiful.

The Church House

What we affectionately refer to as the "church house" is a building in Londonderry that currently serves as the Redesign Construction office. The building was originally built as a house in the 1860's and converted into a church in 1901. Through its long history the building has served as a home, a church, the town post office and library. Josh and Nicole purchased the home in 2012 and began renovations, preserving this special piece of Londonderry history. 


Sister to South Londonderry's Solo Farm and Table, Honeypie is the brainchild of Chloe and Wesley. So much more than your classic burger joint, the snack bar-esk restaurant serves burgers, house-made sausage sandwiches, lobster rolls, chicken sandwiches, fries, beers on tap, wine, and milkshakes to die for. Located in Rawsonville, VT, Honeypie occupies an old retro gas station which has inspired the restaurant design. The clean white subway tile and rustic recycled metal finishes were not only fun to install but bring new spunk and charm to this once dull stretch of Route 30.