Meet Redesign Construction


Redesign Construction was created in 2010 with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and creative design. Steeped in deep roots of the building trades, Redesign Construction is the latest of many generations of craftsmen. Josh's father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all born and raised in traditional Amish communities – where quality building and crafting are not just a means of income but a way of life.


Since 2010, the business has grown both in size and specialties. We specialize in the planning, management, and implementation of mid- to large-size construction projects with a strong emphasis on renovation, remodeling, and additions. Our in-house team of full-time craftsmen allow us to deliver a finely tuned product on a rigorous timeline. Close collaborations with specialty subcontractors, designers, architects, and suppliers allow us to meet all of the building and design needs of our customers.  


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Meet Josh and Nicole

Married in 2009, Josh and Nicole are proud to call Vermont home since the spring of 2010. An unusual courtship, Josh and Nicole met in the middle of a New England forest while Josh was hiking the Appalachian Trail and Nicole was gearing up to move to Ethiopia. See "Josh and Nicole's Story" to hear more about their adventures!

Nicole, a New Jersey native, and Josh, a small town Ohioan, moved to Vermont seeking a new challenge and adventure. Today, that adventure has evolved into Redesign Construction Inc. Josh serves as president of the company, with the majority of his time spent working with customers on the planning and design phases. Nicole currently manages the website and serves as the office manager while she is finishing her Ph.D.